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Welcome to the Rager Laundry Powder website.

  Our laundry powder products are manufactured in Australia and made to the highest standards. Our laundry powder is specifically designed for use in commercial washing machines and best suited for laundromats, caravan park laundries, hotels and motels, schools, clubs and holiday resorts. Rager Laundry Powder is a bio-degradable product and suitable for use where septic systems are in use. Our laundry powder can be used in either hot or cold water. Our packaging is designed to be used specifically in dispensing machines.  


Rager Laundry Powder with Fabric Softener

Rager Laundry Powder offers exceptional cleaning performance and is now packaged with fabric softener to provide an all-in-one washing product at a great price.


Rager Laundry Powder offers the following features:

  • 2 in 1 Lemon Detergent Powder for a fresh scent in your wash.
  • Aggressive Cleaning Power with no added fillers.
  • Added Natural Fabric Softener as standard.
  • Bio-degradable and phosphate free - great for our environment.
  • Non corrosive - great for your washing machine, less maintenance.
  • Great Performance in hot or cold washes.
  • Excellent Performance in hard water areas.
  • Can be used in commercial and domestic machines.
  • Great Value for Money.
  • Septic system safe. 

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